Kinesiology Taping


What is it

Application of a thin, stretchy, cotton based, sticky therapeutic tape (Rocktape) which can provide pain relief, support, reduce swelling as well as increased proprioception.  When using RockTape we aren’t taping for structure but movement. The tape has a lifting effect on the skin and fascia and this is where the real work happens.  The tape is usually left on for 2-3 days for the best effect, an aftercare sheet will be provided. 

Pain Relief

From a neurological perspective, taping has a pain mitigating benefit as the decompression effect of the tape, creates a non painful stimuli (stimulating mechanoreceptors)  Non-painful stimuli have been theorised to “close the gate” to painful stimuli, which prevents pain stimulation from reaching the spinal cord.

Joint and muscle support

Kinesiology tape can be placed on or around a specific joint or muscle to support it during movement. 

Improved circulation

By lifting the skin and fascia, RockTape has many effects. Improving the space between muscle bellies, between skin and fascia and between fascial planes itself allows the body to have better circulation, improved vasodilation, and improved lymphatic drainage. 


The other neurological effect is awareness (known as proprioception). Small sensory inputs give the body great feedback. In patients with poor posture, the simple application of RockTape gives feedback to their nervous system.  You may see it used on many agility dogs as it increases the awareness of where their body parts are.  

What type of dogs can benefit?

Due to its many benefits, kinesiology taping can help a wide range of dogs, the ones most commonly seen are: 

  • dogs with painful lower backs or hips especially with arthritic conditions
  • dogs recovering from injury such as cruciate injuries
  • athletic dogs to provide joint stabilisation or increased proprioception