Adjustments with ANMR


ANMR (Animal Neuro Myo-fascial Release)

The aim of this technique is to identify and rectify areas of dysfunction.  It aims to restore communication between spinals segments and the brain and releases associated soft tissues and allows the body to re-set the affected joint. 

What is ANMR?

This technique is done with an Activator tool which fires a very quick impulse into the joint segment (very fast but with very little mass) without pain or discomfort. 

When the tool is passed over the spinous processes or other area of the vertebrae, if there is an area of dysfunction, the animal will exhibit an involuntary pathological reflex. The tool is then passed over the area of dysfunction again to release it and the reflex will decrease or disappear. 

Who can it help?

This technique helps dogs and cats with lameness, arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament tears/injuries, hind end weakness, muscle spasms and those with decreased agility. 

The tool does make a clicking sound, which most animals seem to accept, however, some noise sensitive dogs or cats may not initially accept this treatment but can be counter-conditioned over time.