About Wellness Canine Massage


About Wellness Canine Massage

WellNess Canine Massage was established by me, Vanessa Read.  Having been a Veterinary Nurse in the region for over 7 years, I saw a need to provide holistic alternative therapies to our pets alongside  Veterinary Care.   

It’s so rewarding to be able to put my experience and qualifications to such good use. It is also such a privilege to work with such beautiful animals and help them live better, longer and healthier lives. I treat each doggie client as if they were my own and fall in love with them and their beautiful spirits.


My Story

  I often get asked how I got into Canine Massage Therapy. I usually answer that I’d been a passionate and dedicated Veterinary Nurse for over 7 years and saw a need for therapies that could work alongside Veterinary Medicine. I then took further qualifications to become certified in a number of dog massage therapies which resulted in me setting up Wellness Canine Massage and really seeing “hands on” what a difference I could make to the wellbeing of dog’s lives. 

However, if I look back a bit further……. when I was working in financial services regulation overseas, I undertook a volunteer programme at a wildlife sanctuary in Namibia, Africa which essentially changed my life forever. It was here, literally lying under the African night sky, listening to a cheetah purring as it lay beside me, that I decided that I should be spending my life doing what I love, which was (and is) helping animals to have better lives. This amazing experience working and caring for Africa’s wildlife big and small led to my complete change in life direction and studies in animal care and Veterinary Nursing. I’ve since also participated in further volunteer projects including an elephant camp in Thailand, orangutan rehabilitation in Borneo, a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica as well as care of our gorgeous companion animals at shelters such as the RSPCA, Happy Paws in Grafton and currently with Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour (ARCH). 



Certified Canine Myomanipulative Functional Therapist

Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practitioner 

Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification

Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Diploma of Veterinary Nursing (General Practice) 

Cert IV of Veterinary Nursing 

Authorised Microchip Implanter

Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour 

Fear Free Certified 

Member of the International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork. 

Wellness Canine massage is insured through Berkley Insurance Australia