Canine Myofunctional therapy


Myofunctional therapy for dogs

Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT) is a holistic therapeutic body treatment integrating remedial massage of soft tissues, myofascial release, Gua Sha massage and gentle stretching techniques.

Which dogs can benefit from CMT?

Nearly all dogs will benefit from Canine Myofunctional Therapy (CMT), but particularly: 

  • Dogs who suffered injuries or are recovering from surgery.
  • Dogs that have arthritis or are just getting on in years and need some TLC on joints and muscles
  • Dogs with disabilities
  • Young dogs who are timid and need confidence to trust the human touch

Improve muscle flexibility and tone

Massage therapy increases tissue elasticity and flexibility. By applying pressure to muscle fibres they are stretched and elongated.  We find dogs are then able to move about with more ease and less pain.

Improve circulation to muscles

Massage improves blood and lymph circulation.   Massage creates warmth, which encourages blood vessels to open up, increase oxygen levels and help remove waste and toxins. 

Pain reduction

Massage relaxes muscle tissue which reduces painful contractions, spasms and relieves tight bands.   

Relaxation and reduced anxiety

Massage therapy releases endorphins (chemicals which promote a feeling of well being).  Therapeutic massage treatments reduce your dog’s stress levels  over time, thus creating a more balanced emotional state.